Teeth Whitening in Singapore. Home or Dentist?

Teeth Whitening was a tough task back in 90’s as there were only couple of options available at the dental clinics. Gone are those days when your dentist would make molds of your teeth, send them off to a lab, wait for a week to receive back your custom fitted teeth whitening mouthpiece filled with peroxide (at a very low concentration) pressed against your teeth and gums. After 3-4 visits, your teeth would be officially declared whiter after having spent several hundred dollars.

Thanks to the technological advancements, teeth whitening in Singapore, both in the dental office and at home, has changed immensely over the last two decades making the process simple and less time taking.

Teeth whitening is the most frequently applied dental procedure across the world. The teeth whitening process usually involves bleaching of teeth in order to remove stains and brighten the patient’s smile. However, it is essential to know that the teeth whitening procedures may be different to a few patients based on the individual case.

Teeth Whitening in SingaporeWe encourage all our patients to learn the causes of Teeth Discoloration so as to prevent the same. Good Oral health = good overall health.

While everyone of us starts off with beautiful white teeth, many different factors contribute to teeth discoloration, such as food and beverages you consume. Certain strongly coloured-foods and drinks like berries, red wine, coffee, tea, and cola can discolor your teeth if frequently consumed over a long period of time. Some antibiotics like tetracycline, smoking, irregular brushing habits, etc., can stain your teeth as well.

Teeth Whitening Options:
As already mentioned above, teeth whitening procedure can be performed in a dental office or in the comfort of your own home. The in-office teeth whitening usually yields better and quicker results compared to the at-home whitening. However, due to the time constraints and factors like not being confortable in a dental clinin, we also offer bleaching kits for our patients to take home as an alternative, however diligence is required to apply these kits every day for a period of 10 days.

If you decide to whiten your teeth at home, make sure that you follow the application instructions your dentist provided or the instructions that come with the over the counter whitening product.

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Teeth Whitening in Singapore

It’s nearly impossible that a Television advertisement runs out without tooth whitener which is classic evidence that almost everyone wants white teeth. Teeth Whitening in Singapore are also one of the most demanded dental services at dental clinics in Singapore. However, you should decide whether the teeth whitening process is really necessary for you, and if yes, what type of teeth whitening in Singapore is best suitable for you?

Types of Teeth Whitening:

In-office procedure:        Wanting to have white teeth doesn’t only mean that you care about the way your teeth look to others and makes an impact on your smile etc., but it also mean that you want a good oral health. This is the very reason your dentists love the patients who wants to have teeth whitening procedure at their clinic mainly because the patients gets maximum benefit of cleaning by removing all stains on your teeth. This also reduces the chances of dental plaque.

In-office procedure is extremely helpful for patients who are wearing braces, as it can complement invisible braces, porcelain veneers, and other treatments. Unlike the home kit, you can choose the level of whiteness in an in-office teeth whitening procedure.

At-Home Bleaching kit:   Gone are those days when tooth whitening was a complex process, making those fitted mouthpieces for each patient, waiting at dental clinics for few hours etc., At our Dental Clinics in Singapore, we do offer  teeth whitening bleaching kits for our patients to take home as an alternative with a brief on how to use the kits. But let us warn you; not all home teeth whitening are suitable for you, hence we strongly recommend you to seek dentist’s advice before you chose your teeth whitening options.

On a special note, those with sensitive teeth or allergies – If you have receding gums, sensitive teeth and gums, or are allergic to peroxide, you should avoid using a home teeth whitening system – or at least consult your doctor before you begin to minimize reactions / side effects.

At our Dental Clinics in Singapore, we use the best teeth whitening products to ensure radiant and healthy smiles. Conveniently located in 5 branches, visit our friendly dental clinics in Singapore and get the teeth whitening process done by experienced dentists!