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Dentists in SingaporeIt is likely that you may be searching for a ‘Best Dentist in Singapore’ and entered this page to find one. You are at right place. Firstly, there are no such professionals as best dentists in Singapore. Whom you find at our Dental Clinics in Singapore are the experienced, reliable, affordable and equipped with latest technologies per industry standards. We believe the title of ‘Best Dentist in Singapore’ should be given by our clients, who walks out with happy smiles, as we experience every day.

Preventive dental health care is a key part of our practice. If you think you deserve a healthy, white and confident smile, you should not neglect visiting the Dentists at least once in six months even if you think you have a good oral hygiene. A visit to the dentist will let us examine your teeth and asses if you may need some additional care.

Another reason to keep up your regular cleanings is to keep your breath fresh; many complaints of persistent bad breath are caused by dental problems apart from sinus related bad-breath issues. Your regular screening appointment includes checks for signs of gum disease, oral cancer screening, observation of jaw function, and checking for cavities.

A major goal of modern dentistry is to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime. By following a conscientious program of oral hygiene, you have the best chance at making this goal a reality. Make visiting dentist in Singapore a routine schedule in your life.

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Dental Implants in Singapore | Dental Clinics in Singapore

Few decades ago, Bridges and fixing dentures were the only limited options available for treating people with missing teeth. Thanks to the advancements in Dental technologies, Dental implants in Singapore came as a boon for those who have lost their teeth due to any reason.

Dental Implants has become a popular method in recent times to replace missing teeth. A dental implant acts in the same way a root acts for a normal tooth. As the implants are durable for entire lifetime with proper care and maintenance, it has become more popular across the world including Singapore.

Dental Implants restores the natural usage of teeth almost immediately after the procedure, enabling patients to eat almost anything they wish to if they had natural teeth. Dental implants also stop the destructive bone loss process cased by trauma from wearing dentures.

What are they made of?
Dental implants are titanium based small screws which are made to fit inside a jaw bone. There are two components of dental implants; titanium screw and the tooth portion. The titanium screw is drilled inside the jaw and left for further osseointegration. Implants are customized according to patients tooth size/measurements due to which the implant perfectly fits in with other natural teeth.

Necessity of Dental Implants are assessed by a dentist. All the branches of our Dental Clinics in Singapore are equipped with world-class updated technologies. Of course, our friendly and experienced dentists in Singapore are always available during clinic hours. Call us today to schedule an appointment at any of your nearest Dental Clinics in Singapore – one of our friendly staff would be glad to help.

Dental Care for Diabetic Patients

It is a well known fact that the diabetes can damage vital organs. However, very few are aware of possible adverse effect; the condition may have on oral and dental health. Such damaging side effects of diabetes are often overlooked and are attributed to natural oral deterioration.

The health of gums and teeth is also related to the blood sugar management. The glucose levels in the saliva of diabetics are generally higher than normal, which can encourage additional bacteria and acid in the mouth, thus becoming prone to decay and gum disease.

In order to avoid any possible health issues due to Diabetes, it is important that those suffering from this condition be extra cautious in maintaining their oral health. Check a few tips here that are particularly helpful in keeping the mouth healthy:

Dentist should be Aware of Your Diabetic Condition:

We, at all our Dental Clinics in Singapore take a detailed history of patients which will also involve questions about diabetes as well. However, when you visit a dentist, make sure you mention about your diabetic status and the drugs you are using for this. This will be extremely helpful for the dentist to take proper care especially if you are preparing to undergo any surgical procedures.

Frequent visits to Dentist: For non-diabetic people, it is ideal to visit your dentist at least twice an year. For those with additional medical needs like the diabetes, it may be necessary to have the mouth checked more frequently.

Domestic Care: While regularly brushing and flossing are advised for everyone, it is especially important and a must follow factor for people with diabetes due to the elevated glucose levels in the saliva that triggers several oral problems as mentioned above. Tooth enamel loss is also a major dental side effect of the disease. It is crucial for a dentist to work closely with diabetic patients to prevent these problems.

You should also self examine frequently while brushing and flossing. Do not delay if you notice any symptoms like spots on the teeth or inflamed gums.

Diabetes Patients should keep in mind that their condition does not always cause oral problems as they do with overall health. However, that should not be a reason to neglect the oral hygiene. Dental risks can be reduced with regular cleanings and exceptional care by a dentist or orthodontist. The tips listed are offered to help patients take a significant role in their own health, including dental issues that are directly derived from diabetes.

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Why does 40% children develop tooth decay?

Dentists in SingaporeWhether you’re a parent, guardian or grandparent, having children means you stay busy and because of the possibility of lack of awareness, dental health is something that can often be easily overlooked.

According to recent research by The American Dental Association, 40 per cent children between the ages of two and five are almost more likely to develop tooth decay. At our dental clinics in Singapore, we have been advising all our patients about the importance of their children’s oral hygiene.

Children’s oral hygiene, therefore, is extremely important.  Familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of children’s dentistry so as to avoid any dental problems in your children.

Good dental hygiene habits should begin before your child’s first tooth comes in. We often observe young parents do not clean the baby’s mouth when their child do not have their first tooth, or in many cases, most of the parents do not even try to wipe the baby’s gums with a soft damp cloth after feedings that helps to prevent the buildup of bacteria.

It is essential to start using a soft children’s toothbrush twice a day when you first observe little teeth. Once your child is preschool-age, start using fluoride toothpaste or the one advised by the dentists. Don’t cover the brush with toothpaste; a pea-sized amount is enough for the kids.

Cavities are common amongst children. Your child might be at risk if he or she eats a lot of sugary foods (such as raisins, cookies, candy, etc.) and drinks lots of sweet liquids (such as fruit juice and punch, soda and sweetened drinks).

Your child also might be at risk if

  • Born early (prematurely) or weighed very little at birth (low birth weight)
  • Has ongoing special health care needs
  • Has white spots or brown areas on any teeth
  • Does not go to the dentist very often

Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day and visit a dentist twice a year even if you feel everything appears normal, because there are several dental problems that may appear ‘normal’ before they get worse. Have them show you the right way to brush your child’s teeth. To avoid cavities, limit sweet snacks and drinks between meals. Have meals and snacks at regular times. Teeth-friendly snacks include fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese and crackers.

Prevention is better than cure! Prevent dental problems and stay healthy. Dentists in Singapore at Nam Fung Dental Surgery gives you a friendly counseling that helps you manage healthy oral hygiene your rest of life. You may contact us now to make an appointment; one of our friendly staff shall attend your call to assist in scheduling your visit.

Domestic Oral Care | Dental Clinics in Singapore

In the modern living conditions, we all are rushing and most of us ignore very small things that could make a big difference to our overall health. Oral care is surely one of such things as we observe often. Healthy gums are the first step to good oral care. They should be firm, be pinkish in color, and shouldn’t bleed when you are brushing your teeth. If you notice any bleeding while brushing, discomfort around teeth or inflamed gums, it is important to visit your dentist. If you are living in Singapore and want to visit a Dental Clinic in Singapore, you may come see us! Click here  to reach us.

When you visit us at any of our dental clinics in Singapore, we are not only going to provide a full oral exam, and check for possible signs of gum infections or tooth decay, we also study to rule out or spot potential illnesses or lingering diseases that might be related to cardiovascular health, and other conditions. While we are always available at any of our dental clinics in Singapore to help you, we recommend that you follow the below steps (domestic & professional help) to avoid possible dental problems.

Oral Care at Home

The best oral care and treatment does start at home. Since you can’t get to a dentist office on a daily basis, you have to care for your teeth. Many of the patients have a misconception that regular brushing is the ‘only’ domestic care and that takes care of overall oral health. It’s true that regular brushing is very essential, at least twice daily but you also have to note that flossing after every meal, using mouth rinse with water or mouth cleansing products (recommended by your dentist in special cases) are some additional yet important dental care steps you have to follow.

The longer the time you go without brushing or flossing, you are more prone to bacterial growth causing cavities, bad breath and possible other conditions that may not be related to oral health.

Regular Cleanings by Dentist:

It is advised that everyone has to go in for a professional cleaning at least twice a year. It may also be advised by your dentist to get a deep cleaning every few years, depending on your case in order to truly get in below the gums, and to properly clean the teeth. Cleaning by the dentist not only makes your teeth appear whiter, but also clean the gum line, which is something you may not do on your own, even if you regularly floss and brush your teeth.

Routine Oral Checkup

Coming in for a routine checkup is another significant way of managing oral care. No matter how good you feel your teeth are, they way you consider dental cleaning by a dentist, you have to consider routine checkup for your dentist to assess your oral condition.

However, whenever you are experiencing with pain, please note that a dentist is the only solution to the pain. Prevention is better than cure! Prevent dental problems and stay healthy. Dentists in Singapore at Nam Fung Dental Surgery gives you a friendly counseling that helps you manage healthy oral hygiene your rest of life. You may contact us now to make an appointment; one of our friendly staff shall attend your call to assist in scheduling your visit.

Suffering Dental Issues? Here is an answer

If you are on this page, it potentially means you or some of your loved ones are suffering some kind of Dental issues. Which also means, you are searching for a solution or relief. You are on the right page. While there are many dental issues that may possibly the reason behind the suffering, here is a quick video that we made for you to be more interactive. Watch it and learn yourself the next step. Remember, we are always awaiting your phone call or email to listen to your concerns carefully and provide you with the best possible advise.