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In the modern living conditions, we all are rushing and most of us ignore very small things that could make a big difference to our overall health. Oral care is surely one of such things as we observe often. Healthy gums are the first step to good oral care. They should be firm, be pinkish in color, and shouldn’t bleed when you are brushing your teeth. If you notice any bleeding while brushing, discomfort around teeth or inflamed gums, it is important to visit your dentist. If you are living in Singapore and want to visit a Dental Clinic in Singapore, you may come see us! Click here  to reach us.

When you visit us at any of our dental clinics in Singapore, we are not only going to provide a full oral exam, and check for possible signs of gum infections or tooth decay, we also study to rule out or spot potential illnesses or lingering diseases that might be related to cardiovascular health, and other conditions. While we are always available at any of our dental clinics in Singapore to help you, we recommend that you follow the below steps (domestic & professional help) to avoid possible dental problems.

Oral Care at Home

The best oral care and treatment does start at home. Since you can’t get to a dentist office on a daily basis, you have to care for your teeth. Many of the patients have a misconception that regular brushing is the ‘only’ domestic care and that takes care of overall oral health. It’s true that regular brushing is very essential, at least twice daily but you also have to note that flossing after every meal, using mouth rinse with water or mouth cleansing products (recommended by your dentist in special cases) are some additional yet important dental care steps you have to follow.

The longer the time you go without brushing or flossing, you are more prone to bacterial growth causing cavities, bad breath and possible other conditions that may not be related to oral health.

Regular Cleanings by Dentist:

It is advised that everyone has to go in for a professional cleaning at least twice a year. It may also be advised by your dentist to get a deep cleaning every few years, depending on your case in order to truly get in below the gums, and to properly clean the teeth. Cleaning by the dentist not only makes your teeth appear whiter, but also clean the gum line, which is something you may not do on your own, even if you regularly floss and brush your teeth.

Routine Oral Checkup

Coming in for a routine checkup is another significant way of managing oral care. No matter how good you feel your teeth are, they way you consider dental cleaning by a dentist, you have to consider routine checkup for your dentist to assess your oral condition.

However, whenever you are experiencing with pain, please note that a dentist is the only solution to the pain. Prevention is better than cure! Prevent dental problems and stay healthy. Dentists in Singapore at Nam Fung Dental Surgery gives you a friendly counseling that helps you manage healthy oral hygiene your rest of life. You may contact us now to make an appointment; one of our friendly staff shall attend your call to assist in scheduling your visit.

FAQ’s about Root Canal Treatment | Dentists in Singapore

We’ve already seen earlier the reasons behind the necessity of root canal therapy. However, the major reasons that may lead to a root canal are tooth which is infected or because of accidental fracturing of the pulp of tooth. If the disturbed tooth for any reason is presently inflamed, not infected yet, the injure might cure by itself but it would specially rely upon consultation of your dentist’s. If you are living in Singapore and searching for a Dentist in Singapore , contact us now!

While there are several frequently asked questions, here are few that we’ve pulled today to answer. Should there be any other question apart from the listed below, feel free to contact us!

What is Root Canal Treatment?            

Every tooth includes a pulp that consisting of a spongy inner tissue. The passageway, which contains the pulp, is known as the tooth’s root canal. Root Canal or endodontic treatment removes the infected or damaged pulp from the diseased tooth. After that the hollow pulp chamber and root canals are cleaned, filled and sealed. This process is called Root Canal Treatment.

What are the reasons of root canal damage?

Apart from accidental damage of teeth, there are several reasons for root canal damage. But, in most of the cases, inappropriate brushing of the teeth as well as not taking care of the dental hygiene may cause severe infection in a tooth. Cavities can increase rigorously decaying and damaging the teeth.

Methods of exclusion of damaged root canal

A tiny hole / opening is made into the crown of the tooth to eliminate the rotten pulp together with the tooth’s nerve surgically. The chamber is then cleaned and washed appropriately before the canals are filled with inert material and access opening covered with a permanent filling. In many cases, a crown is placed on the tooth.  You may want to observe this below image for better understanding.

Root canal treatment in singapore

How many visits are needed before and after root canal treatment?

Root Canal Treatment can sometimes be completed in one visit but often several visits are needed based on the severity of damage. Back teeth usually require more time for treatment because they have more canals and are harder to reach.

At the initial visit, the dentist will test out the condition of the injured tooth; he might propose an X-ray to have a superior view of the internal portion. Dentist may refer few blood works to asses various factors as part of standard guidelines and based on clinical examination. Usually, a routine visit for review is advised after the treatment.

How painful is the procedure?

Through cutting-edge methods followed by the dentists as well as local anesthetic solutions, patients experience little sensation or pain while going through root canal treatment. But nothing to worry, dentist is the qualified and skilled person who is behind you to help you feel little to no pain. In some cases, medications are prescribed to decrease post-treatment anxiety which is the common cause of response to biting after procedure.

How long does the consequence of the treatment remain?

This treatment is believed to be extremely successful mainly due to the statistics which suggests success rate over 95%. With the intention to make a root canal last longer, it is recommended to acquire permanent restoration solutions such as crowns or fillings on the tooth, exactly subsequent to the treatment. Now, sustaining that restoration with right hygiene is extremely important to expand the lifetime of root canal. Dentists in Singapore at Nam Fung Dental Surgery gives you a friendly counseling that helps you manage root canal your rest of life. You may contact us now to make an appointment; one of our friendly staff shall attend your call to assist in scheduling your visit.

All you need to know about Dental Fillings

After a routine Dental Screening and Examination, your dentist may feel that it is necessary to treat and restore any existing decay or fractured tooth with the help of fillings or restorations. If filling is the choice of treatment, counseling about the procedure is generally given by your dentist. If you are feeling any necessity to visit a dentist in Singapore, please click here.

What are dental fillings?

Dental fillings are a procedure of corrective dentistry with an aim of repairing the minimal tooth cracking, cavities or discredited surfaces of the teeth. The most common materials around are amalgam/silver fillings or tooth colored fillings. Depending on factors such as aesthetics, the severity of decay, and the patient’s oral hygiene habits, your dentist may advice you to choose one type of material over another.

Advantages of Dental Fillings:

Dental Fillings are preferred when your teeth are not fully damaged. Hence, with the help of this procedure, they may restore 85-90% of the original strength of the tooth. There is no fixed location for their use. They can be used for rear or front teeth because they do not affect the aesthetics of your gums.

Undergoing the procedure of dental fillings is a very simple process and you can expect little to no sensitivity. You won’t need more than one visit to the dental clinic. However if you are undergoing multiple fillings then you might have to visit clinic more than once. Should you require any special counseling about the dental fillings, you may contact a Dentist in Singapore at any of our branches.

Alternate to Dental Fillings?          

In more extensive decay or when most of the tooth has broken down, your dentist may in fact recommend that you look at other alternatives such as Crowns or any other suitable procedures.

If you are in search of a Dentist in Singapore, feel free to book an appointment at Nam Fung Dental Surgery clinic at any of the five branches. You may contact us now to make an appointment; one of our friendly staff shall attend your call to assist in scheduling your visit.

What is a Denture – when do you need it?

Dentures are commonly referred to as false teeth, used to replace missing teeth. Complete/Full dentures replace an entire jaw (upper and/or lower) of teeth. Partial dentures replace a few teeth. Made to order exclusively for each patient, the dentures fit comfortably in the mouth cavity, well supported by the soft and hard tissues that surround them.

Dentures are of two types namely the “immediate” and the “conventional” types. In the case of immediate denture, the replaced teeth are done on the same day, generally to minimize the chances of bleeding after extraction. The conventional type may take a time period of 8 to 12 weeks for the gum healing process to take place before dentures are placed. However, the dentists may advise you on the time period as it is different for everyone depending on the case.
dental clinics in singapore

Maintenance of dentures:
The denture is removable and is made up of acrylic plastic or metal materials and porcelain depending on the choice of patient or based on the suitability advice by the dentist. Your Dentist will give you specific instructions on how to safely manage the denture. The regular maintenance activity includes removing of denture and brush it every day, soaking denture in cleansing water during nights and avoiding boiling water to sterilize the denture etc.,

Alternatives to Dentures:
Alternatives to dentures include Dental Bridges or Implants to replace a few teeth. However, it is always safe to seek advice from your dentist to decide on what is best suitable for you. If you are in search of a Dentist in Singapore, feel free to make an appointment at Nam Fung Dental Surgery clinic at any of the five branches. You may contact us now to make an appointment; one of our friendly staff shall attend your call to assist in scheduling your visit.

All about Dental Extractions | Dentists in Singapore

Dental extraction is the most common and regularly heard matter in relation to the dental problems. It is often believed that dental extraction is one of the major reasons for dental anxieties. However, there is no reason to panic for dental extractions if you discover how simple and safe the procedures are.

Dental Extractions are done for many reasons; Damaged or Decayed tooth, wisdom or over crowded tooth, being inevitable or as precaution, in some cases just a matter of choice! Whether or not a tooth should be extracted should be decided by the dentist as the dentists’ first try to make the procedure as simple as possible with minimal to no risk/down time.

Dentist in Singapore at Nam Fung Dental Surgery gives a detailed counseling at the time of consultation so as to educate the patients about various procedures. This counseling helps a lot in understanding about the risks, safety, time, post treatment management, etc., in detail and helps patients to be prepared. If you are in search of a Dentist in Singapore, feel free to make an appointment at Nam Fung Dental Surgery clinic at any of the five branches. You may contact us any time, one of our friendly staff are will assist you in scheduling your visit.

Cosmetic Dentistry Singapore – What is best for you?

Everyone loves to have a beautiful smile on their face as it not only gives them more confidence in their appearance, but also more confidence in their everyday lives as well. For those who want to change the appearance of their teeth, there are many procedures in the Aesthetic/Cosmetic Dentistry depending on their requirement.

Cosmetic dentistry is not primarily to do with improving the function of the mouth or treating bad teeth, but more to do with improving the aesthetics of it. Treatments often focused on the ameliorating the look of the teeth. Broken teeth due to accidents etc., may also require Cosmetic Dentistry to restore the previous look.

At Nam Fung Dental Group and Dr Jimmy Yap and Partners Dental Surgery, we offer many treatments. Here are some of the common procedures that we deal with:

Dental Braces: are devices used in orthodontics that align and straighten teeth and help to position them with regard to a person’s bite, while also working to improve dental health.

Veneers: Veneers are a thin shell like caps on the front side of the tooth. While they are often used in correction of stained, decayed or crooked teeth, veneers sometimes serves as a preventive measure for tooth surface from damage. Usage of Veneers shall be advised by the dentist after ruling out any other suitable procedures depending on the case.

Implants or Partial Dentures: Dental implants / Partial Dentures are a popular method to replace missing/extracted teeth as the case may be. A dental implant is a titanium post that is placed into your jaw bone and integrates with the bone, and the implant acts in the same way a root acts for a normal tooth.

 If you are looking out for any procedures involved in cosmetic dentistry or would like to book an appointment with a Dentist in Singapore – please call the number below & one of our friendly staff would be glad to help.

Preventive Dentistry | Dentists in Singapore

Preventive Dentistry“Dentistry concerned with maintenance of a normal masticating mechanism by fortifying the structures of the oral cavity against damage and disease” is called as the Preventive Dentistry as defined by the Professionals. However, to put it in general terms, Preventive Dentistry is a process of maintaining oral hygiene and dental health so as to prevent any kind of dental problems. Preventive Dentistry is not just for those who show up any symptoms of possible dental issues but for everyone who has teeth.

In general, Preventive Dentistry may be divided into two types. Domestic Preventive Dentistry and the one performed by a dentist. Domestic Dentistry involves oral hygiene you maintain at home like regular brushing, flossing, mouth wash after eating anything specially sweets etc., this helps you reduce the chances of having many dental issues. The other type that is performed by the dentist like normal cleaning and polishing sessions, fluoride therapy, GC Tooth Mousse application or the provision of fissure sealants. It is strongly advised by many dentists to schedule a visit to your dentist in a regular basis for dental exams just to be on a safer side. If you are living in Singapore, you may contact us the Dentists in Singapore.

For Children:

Child Dental Care is one of the essential things as far as the Preventive Dentistry is concerned. Every parent should consider visiting a dentist during early stages of growing new teeth of your child. This is important because both the child a parents as well needs counseling on how to effectively prevent dental issues which are more likely during the childhood. Your Dentist may teach your child on brushing techniques to other oral hygiene tips.

For senior citizens:

In the later stages of life, most of the people face dental issues due to loss of teeth, dentures, etc., and in some cases managing oral hygiene becomes a tough task mainly because of other health issues though there are no dental issues. In such cases, the dentist may want to advise the guardians or the senior citizens on various tips like how to handle a brush, what type of brushes to use, how to easily wash the teeth without anyone’s help etc.,

Hence, it is very essential to learn about the preventive dentistry especially when you do not want to invite any dental issues that you may avoid. If you have any questions about the procedures involved in preventive dentistry or would like to book an appointment with a Dentist in Singapore – please call the number below & one of our friendly staff would be glad to help.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Singapore | Third Molar

Wisdom tooth, also called as third molar teeth – are called so because they appear between the late teens and late twenties, which is a general age to become more learned; gaining wisdom in life. Extraction of Wisdom tooth has become more common in the recent times. If you have been advised to extract wisdom teeth, there is no reason to panic.

What can be done about an infected wisdom tooth?

This is purely dependent on the physical examination by your dentist. In some cases, a course of antibiotics may be required along with extraction or only an antibiotic course. Book an appointment now with a Dentist in Singapore to find out what is the best treatment for you if you are suffering from it.

Wisdom Teeth removal in Singapore

When should a wisdom tooth be extracted?

Not all wisdom teeth need extraction. However, in specific conditions such as stated below, extraction may be the best choice of treatment.

  1. Jaw is small and is not allowing the wisdom tooth to grow properly or in a right direction
  2. The gaps due to wrong growth resulted in depositing food debris and causing secondary issues
  3. Infections due to the decay of the wisdom tooth
  4. Gums are involved, swelling due to the new grown third molar compressing gums / cheeks
  5. Where the new growth is causing extreme pain.
  6. Discomfort eating food (chewing little hard food etc.,)

Have Anxiety of Surgery or pain?

How often do you hear that someone has taken leave for wisdom tooth extraction and to rest thereafter? Not that often? There are several people who get the third molar extraction done every day at the dental clinics in Singapore and all over the world. Extremely safe procedures are practiced that also minimizes the pain and generally doesn’t need longer down time. If you have any questions about the procedure or would like to book an appointment – please call the number below & one of our friendly staff would be glad to help.

Root Canal Treatment | Dentists in Singapore

At, a Dental Clinic in Singapore, we understand that the dental problems are extremely unpleasant and troublesome. While it disturbs the routine day-to-day activity of many patients, among others it also causes great stress and depression most often due to the anxiety related to the surgical treatments as well. However, there is no reason to panic. You are not alone, and all the medical treatments / procedures are meant to better the patient’s health so are the dental therapies.

Dentists in Singapore

In a diseased tooth, the pulp is infected or damaged due to death of nerves in the hollow part often in the interior of a tooth. When a tooth erupts, it remains hollow exposing cells, nerve tissue and blood vessels which are responsible for depositing calcium on the inner of the pulp chamber and its extension along the roots. In such a condition, extraction or root canal therapies are choice of treatment.

Root Canal or endodontic treatment removes the infected or damaged pulp from the diseased tooth. After that the hollow pulp chamber and root canals are cleaned, filled and sealed. It’s best to have the infected pulp taken out before the infection begins spreading to the surrounding membranes and to your other tooth. When this isn’t done, you could lose the entire tooth. The root canal treatment might save your tooth. There are various factors that lead to the damage of tooth. The Dentists at the clinic would recommend you some anti-biotic treatments which have to be decided over consultation.

If you are living in Singapore, just pick up your call and schedule an appointment with the Dentist in Singapore at

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Dental Whitening, Dentists in Singapore

Dentists in Singapore

Every one of us starts off with beautiful white teeth, but strongly colored-foods and drinks like coffee, tea, and cola can discolor the surface of your teeth. Stained teeth are very difficult to whiten with conventional methods thus needs expert help because oral hygiene is a very essential part of life.

While there are many procedures to whiten your teeth, the dentist at Nam Fung Dental Clinic in Singapore will decide the best suitable treatment for you based on the case. Generally, only one visit is enough for a routine teeth whitening for one full month (bleaching). However, in some rare cases if there are any associated side effects or based on the case, multiple appointments may be required.

Many people who can also avoid discolor of teeth also end up in trying all the home remedies and finally land up in the dental clinic for cosmetic help. At Nam Fung Dental Clinic in Singapore we welcome and are ready to help you in making the teeth as white as possible with the cosmetic procedures. Not just that, but we also offer bleaching kits for our patients to take home as an alternative, however diligence is required to apply these kits every day for a period of 10 days.

If you think you deserve white teeth and are searching for a procedure to get this done, call us today to make an appointment. So now keep your smile as bright and white you can with the help of Nam Fung Dental Clinic in Singapore. Happy Smiling!