Why do you need regular dental checkups? Dentist in Singapore advise

Healthy teeth and sparkling smile can do wonders for your self-esteem and is indeed a valuable social asset. Having treated thousands of patients across our dental clinics in Singapore, we know that fixing cavities and maintaining healthy teeth and gums can also improve your health in multiple ways.

Stop anxiety, see your dentist in Singapore today: Almost Everybody has to visit the dentist at point of time in their lives whether its for a regular visit or with a dental issue. Most of us have time  to think about what the dentist is going to do. And more importantly, is it going to hurt? We often observe such anxiety of being hurt due to dental procedures among the patients who visit our Dentists in Singapore. There are also cases we’ve come across who ignore a visit to dentists till the problem become worse.

Hence, it is indeed essential to learn why should you visit your dentist on a regular basis and what happens if you ignore this important factor. Let’s observe why is it important to schedule your regular visits to dental clinics.

Dentist will check for Cavities: According to a research, one in five people in America have untreated cavities. Your dentist will also be able to identify potential early cavities such as white spot lesions etc., All cavities can however be prevented or fixed with regular check ups and restorative treatment.

Prevention of severe diseases: Issues like early cavities, chips or cracks and issues that ‘appear to be minor’ can sometimes result in severe diseases such as oral cancers and other significant oral health issues. A dentist can identify such issues and take preventive measures to minimize the risk.

Dentists in Singapore and world advise their patients for a regular visit even if you do not have any symptoms because, prevention is better than cure. While we are always here to help you treat the dental problems, we still wish you prevent diseases and stay healthy, which gives us more professional satisfaction.

Gum Diseases and Chronic Illness: As per various studies conducted by  organizations like American Dental Association, patients with gum disease increased their chances of chronic illness by 40%.

Dental problems in Diabetic patients:  There is also a strong correlation between diabetes and periodontitis. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels can also make you more prone to developing mouth infections. Studies suggests that females with osteoporosis were more prone to periodontitis, , meaning that healthier gums equates stronger bones. It’s therefore essential to ensure gum health with and a dental visit every six month in such cases adds much value.

Dental Extraction? Not always!: It’s a general opinion that a dentists job is mostly dental extraction. No, dental extraction will always be based on specific condition, not always. If there’s nothing your dentist can do to save the tooth, he or she may simply extract your tooth.

However, if the appearance of unsightly amalgam fillings is bothersome to you and affecting your self confidence negatively, you could also speak to your dentist about replacing those with white porcelain fillings during your dental visit.

If you have any questions about the procedures involved in preventive dentistry, regular dental checkups or would like to book an appointment with our Dentists in Singapore – please call us any time & one of our friendly staff would be glad to help.

Teeth Whitening in Singapore. Home or Dentist?

Teeth Whitening was a tough task back in 90’s as there were only couple of options available at the dental clinics. Gone are those days when your dentist would make molds of your teeth, send them off to a lab, wait for a week to receive back your custom fitted teeth whitening mouthpiece filled with peroxide (at a very low concentration) pressed against your teeth and gums. After 3-4 visits, your teeth would be officially declared whiter after having spent several hundred dollars.

Thanks to the technological advancements, teeth whitening in Singapore, both in the dental office and at home, has changed immensely over the last two decades making the process simple and less time taking.

Teeth whitening is the most frequently applied dental procedure across the world. The teeth whitening process usually involves bleaching of teeth in order to remove stains and brighten the patient’s smile. However, it is essential to know that the teeth whitening procedures may be different to a few patients based on the individual case.

Teeth Whitening in SingaporeWe encourage all our patients to learn the causes of Teeth Discoloration so as to prevent the same. Good Oral health = good overall health.

While everyone of us starts off with beautiful white teeth, many different factors contribute to teeth discoloration, such as food and beverages you consume. Certain strongly coloured-foods and drinks like berries, red wine, coffee, tea, and cola can discolor your teeth if frequently consumed over a long period of time. Some antibiotics like tetracycline, smoking, irregular brushing habits, etc., can stain your teeth as well.

Teeth Whitening Options:
As already mentioned above, teeth whitening procedure can be performed in a dental office or in the comfort of your own home. The in-office teeth whitening usually yields better and quicker results compared to the at-home whitening. However, due to the time constraints and factors like not being confortable in a dental clinin, we also offer bleaching kits for our patients to take home as an alternative, however diligence is required to apply these kits every day for a period of 10 days.

If you decide to whiten your teeth at home, make sure that you follow the application instructions your dentist provided or the instructions that come with the over the counter whitening product.

If you are in search of a Dentist in Singapore, feel free to book an appointment at Nam Fung Dental Surgery clinic at any of the five branches. You may contact us now to make an appointment; one of our friendly staff shall attend your call to assist in scheduling your visit.

How to find a good Dentist in Singapore?

Firstly, dentists are the qualified and certified professionals to deal with your dental problems, hence we may not define who is a good dentist. Often, Dentists are the most scary persons for those who has dental anxiety. They start searching for ways to find out what dentists can do to them and how to ‘find a good dentist in Singapore‘.

While we do not wish to define who could be a ‘good dentist’ that you may be searching for, here is what we encourage you to check to be assured and be inspired to consult a dentist in Singapore.

Friends Referrals: Most often, Friends’ referrals are the #1 way to find a good dentist you can trust. That’s how we get most of our patients. At the same time, be sure not to miss out a reachable and experienced dentists who may be available near your place. Just search for Dental clinics around you and schedule a visit for a counselling.

Technology: For a dentist in this modern world, being equipped with updated technology has become an essential mainly due to advancements everyday to deal with various dental issues. You may want to know that all our dental clinics in Singapore are equipped, updated and consists of friendly dentists.

Environment: Dental Clinics in Singapore are mostly clean and well maintained. However, from a patients point of view, you you have every right to check if the clinics make you comfortable to undergo the recommended procedures and multiple visits.

Adequate Staff : Adequate staff is a prerequisite to make the surgical procedures more easy and inspire confidence especially among anxious patients. At our Dental Clinics in Singapore, each staff member  has a specialty and are professional in managing all the protocols such as patient counseling, medication, history, procedure risks if any, alternate treatments etc.,

Conveniently located in 5 branches, visit our friendly dental clinics in Singapore and get the dental procedures done by experienced dentists!


Children Dentistry | Dentists in Singapore

We often take our teeth for granted so does the children follow us. Our Dentists in Singapore often notice this phenomenon across the Dental Clinics in Singapore. But poor dental hygiene leads to tooth problems often making it difficult to eat properly. This is exactly why it is essential to lean the importance of Children Dentistry. It is reported in countries like the United States that over 51 million school hours are lost every year due to dental related problems. This is no different to a rough estimate of Singapore in proportionate to the US population.

Based on this experience, we come across at our Dental Clinics in Singapore, we make the following recommendations to our patients to prevent dental issues and restrict progress of the current ones. Do not forget to talk to our doctors about Children Dentistry during your visit.

Children Dentists in Singapore

How to prevent children’s periodontal disease?

1. Learning begins at home: Though we recommend regular visits to dentists in Singapore, where we advice our patients and do’s and don’ts, it is always good for parents to teach children good oral health habits from as soon as they can understand. Get them into the routine of brushing and flossing their teeth just as they would brush their hair – hence making it a daily routine.

2. When your child is one year old, start introducing toothpaste in little quantities pressed into the bristles and gently brushing the teeth and gums. Make sure the brush is soft and don’t harm the gums.

3. Flossing should be introduced only when the gaps between the teeth begin to close. Otherwise, they may harm the gums.

4. Children imitate / follow the parents! You are the first role model to them. You also should make a habit of brushing along with your child twice a day and clean your teeth with plain water after every meal etc., you should talk to them about visiting a dentist for a regular checkup and take them along with your in regular intervals.

5. When the child is old enough to understand, talk about the lovely clean minty taste after brushing, the smooth-tooth feeling when they run their tongues over the teeth and the importance of fresh breath. This gives them a clear distinction between a bad oral health and good oral health which they will be surely benefited throughout their life.

6. If the child is not able to avoid heavy sugar foods like candy, chocolate, and sodas, encourage them to use a straw for sodas and juices – the straw shoots more of the fluid to the back of the throat and it’s less likely to linger in the mouth, coating the teeth.

7. Never put juice, soda or sugary drinks in a baby’s bottle for them to suck on in the day or at night. Only use water.

8. No matter if the child complaints or not, check regularly in the child’s mouth for any symptoms stated below.

Signs of dental disease among children: when to take an action?

1. Bleeding gums when brushing, flossing or at any other time.

2. Child complaints any pain inside the tooth.

3. Gum puffiness, especially if they are bright red or swollen.

4. Gum recession. Look at the gums in the mouth – they should be even along the lower edges of the teeth but if they seem lower on some than others, they may have receded and this can expose the roots in extreme cases. The child may complain of pain when eating hot/cold food or drinks.

5. Constant bad breath is also a sign on tooth and gum ill health. If breath smells bad even after brushing, this can mean that the gums are rotting because of bacteria and plaque.

In any case as above listed, it is highly recommended that you make an appointment with a dentist in Singapore and take your child to the dental clinic as soon as you can, so as to avoid any further complications.  It is also equally important to select a dental clinic providing a wide range of services and is well equipped. Keeping in mind this criterion, we ensure various Dental Services across all our Dental Clinics in Singapore. Should you wish to know more, please have a quick look at our Dental Services in Singapore?

You may contact us now to make an appointment; one of our friendly staff shall attend your call to assist in scheduling your visit.

Tooth Whitening in Singapore | Dental Clinics Singapore

Teeth discoloration has become one of the most reported dental problems. At the same time, Tooth discoloring is often overlooked by a lot of people. Even if you are an avid teeth-flosser, and brush twice every day, you may find that time will take its toll on the natural brightness of your teeth. Modern life style, strong colored foods and drinks, aging, tobacco usage etc., contribute to the tooth discoloration. But the Good news is, with the latest advancements in the dental industry, professional teeth whitening at our dental clinics in Singapore is an effective way to whiten your teeth to its former brightness.

Dentists in Singapore

Tooth whitening is a process to remove stains on teeth and restore teeth color to an earlier, natural and brighter form. Many people try a domestic tooth whitening procedure to get rid of stains or yellow teeth. However, home kits may not always be significant as it has limitations. Unlike experimenting and prolonged usage of home dental tooth whitening procedures, professional tooth whitening in Singapore at our Dental Clinics is one of the most popular procedures because it greatly improves your dental appearance. You may have to visit a few times depending on the severity of individual case.

We at all our Dental Clinics in Singapore advise our valued customers to maintain a good oral hygiene by avoiding foods that damages teeth in various forms or follow dental hygiene home remedies after every meal. If due to your busy schedule its not possible, we are always available to help you with the best suitable tooth whitening procedure. If you think you deserve white teeth and are searching for a procedure to get this done, call us today to make an appointment. So now keep your smile as bright and white you can with the help of Nam Fung Dental Clinics in Singapore. Happy Smiling!

Dentist in Singapore – Dental Consultation

Dentists in SingaporeDental Consultation and Screening is a routine process that everyone should schedule in regular intervals. Children have to be taught at school about the importance of Dental Consultation as a preventive measure, which almost many schools do in the recent years. When you visit our Dental Clinics in Singapore for a consultation, we perform a detailed examination of your whole mouth in addition to talking to you about all your dental experiences and concerns. This gives us an idea of your overall dental health so as to take necessary action if required.

As our standard guidelines, all our Dentists in Singapore majorly look for the following during your consultation:

  • Evaluate of your risk of tooth decay
  • Examine for root caries
  • Fractured or unsatisfactory fillings
  • Gum disease (periodontal health)
  • Jaw and bite for problems
  • Evaluate your fluoride exposure (through hygiene products and diet)
  • Any other symptoms / Overall Oral Health

Your oral health is often an indication of your overall health! Very few know that there are many medical conditions (including some cancers) that can be spotted by a dentist. As your health care provider, we are willing to listen to your suggestions and concerns, thus, to achieve the best results. In the interest of your safety, we also ask you if you have any previous history of drug allergies etc. for best treatment choices if required. We hence recommend talking to our Dentists in Singapore across our clinics about your medical history before any treatment.

At NFDentiSmile Dental Clinics in Singapore, .guidance of our team will help you make informed decisions about what (if any) treatment plan you require to get the most from your smile. Not just your smile, but a happy and beautiful smile matters for us. Contact any of our Dental Clinics now for an appointment, one of our friendly staff will assist you schedule your appointment for Dental Consultation.

Dental Braces in Singapore – When do you need it?

Anyone who may feel necessary to get their teeth straightened with Dental Braces often thinks that everyone else’s teeth around them are perfectly aligned. This is not true as almost nobody’s teeth come in straight after they lose the baby teeth. It leaves gaps, overlaps, crooked canines, and overbites. However, having gaps, overlaps etc., does not necessarily mean that you have to get the Dental Braces because many people who has gaps manage without braces their entire life with proper dental care. You have to seek advice of your dentist to learn what is rightly suitable for you.


Dental Braces are generally advised after you get all of your permanent teeth (with or without wisdom teeth), generally early teenage. The early the better results Dental Braces give. The diagnosis generally happens during your routine visit to the Dentist. Dentist can easily identify and recommend that your teeth are likely to cause problems in the future hence refer you to orthodontists. You may note that many a times, only top or bottom teeth may need the braces, not both! At our Dental Clinics in Singapore across all branches, our clinics consist of the best Dentists in Singapore that specializes in almost all the dental procedures*.

Some people have to wear braces for years depending on the severity of the case, while some need for a short duration.

Preparation: taking shape

Dental Braces are not ready made to be fixed on the first visit itself. You have to be prepared for a second visit before you get them fixed and later visits upon the advice of your dentist. During your first visit to Dentist in Singapore, we take a full impression of your teeth with the help of tools which helps us make the perfect Dental Braces for you. Before your braces are fixed, you may need spacers that will help fix the braces in a perfect shape at a later point.

Choosing Dental Braces:

Dental Braces comes in various types. Gone are those days where you have to get the easily noticeable dental braces. At our Dental Clinics in Singapore, you also have ‘Invisible Braces’ that has come as a revolutionary change in the orthodontist history. There are many advantages of the invisible braces like less noticeable by other, easily removable, non usage of metal, normal brushing etc., However, it is only the Dentist that can give you a best advice on what type of Dental Braces are good for you. Fixing of any type of dental Braces generally takes a single visit and later minimal follow-ups to monitor whether they are fixed properly.

Living with dental braces is not a difficult task. Thanks to the latest technological advancements in the dental industry!

Dental Braces in Singapore?

All our dental clinics in Singapore comprise of team of dental experts, who offer all the services as per the needs of the present day people living in Singapore, or the individuals, who have come to this place for tourism or business purposes. Contact us to day, one of our friendly staff will assist you fix an appointment.

Simple Dental Extraction vs Surgical Extraction in Singapore


Do you know that the dental extraction procedures are mainly classified into two, simple Extraction and Surgical Extraction? When you visit a dentist and are diagnosed with some dental issue that may need extraction, your doctor is likely to advise you what type of extraction is required for you based on the complexity of case. At all of our Dental Clinics in Singapore, we give a patient counseling about how the extractions are performed and what is best suitable for you.

So here you are, wondering the differences between a simple extraction and a surgical extraction. It is always good to be informed about the procedures no matter you are expecting one or not. So what’s the difference between a simple extraction and a surgical extraction? Well, in both cases, the teeth most likely need to be removed by rocking the tooth side to side so to enlarge the socket and rupture the periodontal ligament that keeps the tooth securely in the socket. As an effort to easily explain without too much of medical terms, here it is in simple terms:

Surgical Extraction

Also known as complex extraction, Surgical Extractions are generally a bit complicated as the term refers to extraction of teeth that may have broken at the gum line, have failed to erupt or are impacted (as in wisdom teeth). It is called complex extraction mainly because the complexity of the tooth damage thus taking long hours, special surgical skills. These extractions are usually done by oral surgeons, but sometimes general dentists are comfortable performing them as the case/experience may be.

The surgeon may need to make small incisions in the gums, remove bone around the tooth or break the tooth in pieces if a tooth is firmly anchored in its socket. The broken pieces are carefully removed after the first step. Complex extractions often need stitches and local anesthesia. Though less likely, patients with anxiety or special cases may have other options such as intravenous sedation or general anesthesia.

Simple Extraction

Simple extractions refer to extraction of teeth that are visible in the mouth; easily accessible with the extraction tools. The term simple in this case may sound quite reassuring. Likewise, the process most likely takes only few minutes that any general dentist can extract with local anesthesia. The dentist uses an elevator to dislodge the tooth from the gum and then forceps are used to grasp and remove the tooth.

It is indeed essential for the patients to understand that the surgical extractions are routine for oral surgeons which they do on a daily basis. No black and white generalizations can be really made as to which form of extraction is more complicated as there can be many variables. Hence, anxiety among the patents is unwarranted as all our Dentists in Singapore at our Dental Clinics are well trained, experienced and provide you with all the information that you need to know beforehand.

Dentists in Singapore at all our Dental Clinics are equipped with a high standard and modern technology, non-invasive and surgical solutions making it a one stop clinic with almost all treatments. Contact us for a friendly counseling that helps you manage healthy oral hygiene your rest of life. Make an appointment; one of our friendly staff shall attend your call to assist in scheduling your visit.

How to Manage Oral Hygiene? Dentist in Singapore

Daily oral hygiene is a prerequisite to prevent bacteria buildup, acid erosion and various diseases that may cause cavities, and eventual tooth loss. Oral Health is as important as you wish to have a beautiful smile on your face. As we always advise at all our Dental Clinics in Singapore, it is very important to schedule appointment with your dentist at least once in 6 months for a complete dental checkup and fast action to restrain from future complications.

A little domestic care and lifestyle to manage oral health!

In a modern lifestyle, we are all used to have processed foods, preservatives, excess sugars that may cause acidity to accumulate in the oral cavities increasing risk of decay and enamel degradation. According to a study, one in ten people report sensitivity to hot and cold foods/drinks while the highest number of oral problems is associated with increased cavity formation. Many such tooth and gum related problems can be avoided with regular dental checkups and counselling by your dentist in Singapore.

At our Dental Clinics in Singapore, all the dentists follow a standard protocol during consultation in which the dentist will look out for signs of deterioration, misalignment, gum health and any possible indications of chronic disease. A routine assessment can prevent the complex and costly surgery and long term therapy needed to improve the healthy condition of teeth and soft tissues. Based on the evaluation by the Dentist in Singapore at our clinics, risk prevention strategies are advised to our patients.

Thankfully, the modern dental technology contributes a lot to deliver health services with efficiency, and improved comfort to the patient. Dental therapeutic techniques are available to improve the condition of teeth and gums including preventative care. The application of dental healthcare services can provide affordable options and prevent against deterioration and painful conditions.

Dentists in Singapore at all our Dental Clinics are equipped with a high standard and modern technology, non-invasive and surgical solutions making it a one stop clinic with almost all treatments. Prevention is better than cure! Prevent dental problems and stay healthy.  Contact us for  a friendly counselling that helps you manage healthy oral hygiene your rest of life. Make an appointment; one of our friendly staff shall attend your call to assist in scheduling your visit.

Necessity of Dental X-rays | Dentists in Singapore

As we advise our patients at all our Dental Clinics in Singapore, dental exams is most important factor for the health of your teeth and gums so is the dental X-ray mainly because it helps in accurate diagnosis even under special circumstances. Dentists in Singapore at all our clinics follows a standard protocol before they advise you an X-ray if they want a digital confirmation. Thankfully, the advanced technology has enabled us to get the Dental X-ray done to any age group unlike olden days where it was done only when an X-ray is absolutely necessary. There was a general anxiety among the patients of being exposed to the radiation.

When is a Dental X-ray taken?

Not all procedures need a Dental X Ray in Singapore. It is only an assumption that the Dental X ray’s are taken before the dental surgery. In fact, Dental X Ray helps decide the best procedure or treatment plan which may also avoid a surgery as the dentist will be able to assess your overall bone strength, decays, intensity/progress of problem etc.,

Some small X rays are specially used to look at the spaces in between teeth, whereas some focus at the root tip of the tooth. General wide mouth X Rays (known as OPGs) may also be taken to check the general bone levels and dental health of the patient during certain dental treatments. Our Dentists in Singapore at all our branches are equipped with the updated and latest technology of Digital X-rays for the ease of patients.

Dental X-ray in Singapore; act as preventive dentistry!

  • Dental X-rays can play a significant role in preventing serious harm to your teeth as
  • Dental X-rays help detecting any areas of decay that are hidden within your teeth, which would normally be invisible to a visual inspection. This will help in treating or extracting the teeth if there is a chance to causes a major problem such as gum disease or other periodontal diseases.
  • In the case of braces and other devices to realign the teeth, digital X-rays can assure that the teeth can benefit from the procedure before you even start.
  • Dental X Ray would become a digital record of the tooth development in children which will help them in many ways.

At NFDentiSmile Dental Clinics in Singapore, we give all our patients a counseling that includes all the necessary information about Dental procedures that we perform. Not just your smile, but a happy and beautiful smile matters for us. Contact any of our Dental Clinics now for an appointment, one of our friendly staff is awaiting to assist you! Check out this quick video about Dental Implants.