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At Our Dental Clinics in Singapore, we come across many people who do not take proper care of their dentures. Making matters worse, many people prolong denture repair for later thus giving space for other symptoms to come up. Here you can find a brief on the importance of getting your dentures fixed properly.

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What is Denture Repair?

As you age, your mouth changes shape. Your jaws may not align as your bones and gums naturally recede and shrink, and your dentures will not fit well any longer. You may also need a denture repair when your teeth are damaged due to accident or decay. Worn or poorly fitting dentures can cause infection, mouth sores, and other issues. When you visit any of our Dental Clinics in Singapore, our dentists asses what is the best treatment for you.

The Importance of Denture Repair

If a small crack appears in a denture tooth, many would think that tooth repair is not needed. However, if some problems are left for too long, further complications may surface. This is why denture repair is essential. As we always advise, prevention is better than cure.

In most cases, problematic dentures can cause pain and may even cause larger problems. Now, delaying your denture fixing not only causes further damage to the denture itself, it causes problems for you. Therefore, do yourself a favor and get your dentures fixed as soon as a problem surfaces.

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