Dentist in Singapore – Dental Consultation

Dentists in SingaporeDental Consultation and Screening is a routine process that everyone should schedule in regular intervals. Children have to be taught at school about the importance of Dental Consultation as a preventive measure, which almost many schools do in the recent years. When you visit our Dental Clinics in Singapore for a consultation, we perform a detailed examination of your whole mouth in addition to talking to you about all your dental experiences and concerns. This gives us an idea of your overall dental health so as to take necessary action if required.

As our standard guidelines, all our Dentists in Singapore majorly look for the following during your consultation:

  • Evaluate of your risk of tooth decay
  • Examine for root caries
  • Fractured or unsatisfactory fillings
  • Gum disease (periodontal health)
  • Jaw and bite for problems
  • Evaluate your fluoride exposure (through hygiene products and diet)
  • Any other symptoms / Overall Oral Health

Your oral health is often an indication of your overall health! Very few know that there are many medical conditions (including some cancers) that can be spotted by a dentist. As your health care provider, we are willing to listen to your suggestions and concerns, thus, to achieve the best results. In the interest of your safety, we also ask you if you have any previous history of drug allergies etc. for best treatment choices if required. We hence recommend talking to our Dentists in Singapore across our clinics about your medical history before any treatment.

At NFDentiSmile Dental Clinics in Singapore, .guidance of our team will help you make informed decisions about what (if any) treatment plan you require to get the most from your smile. Not just your smile, but a happy and beautiful smile matters for us. Contact any of our Dental Clinics now for an appointment, one of our friendly staff will assist you schedule your appointment for Dental Consultation.

Dental Braces in Singapore – When do you need it?

Anyone who may feel necessary to get their teeth straightened with Dental Braces often thinks that everyone else’s teeth around them are perfectly aligned. This is not true as almost nobody’s teeth come in straight after they lose the baby teeth. It leaves gaps, overlaps, crooked canines, and overbites. However, having gaps, overlaps etc., does not necessarily mean that you have to get the Dental Braces because many people who has gaps manage without braces their entire life with proper dental care. You have to seek advice of your dentist to learn what is rightly suitable for you.


Dental Braces are generally advised after you get all of your permanent teeth (with or without wisdom teeth), generally early teenage. The early the better results Dental Braces give. The diagnosis generally happens during your routine visit to the Dentist. Dentist can easily identify and recommend that your teeth are likely to cause problems in the future hence refer you to orthodontists. You may note that many a times, only top or bottom teeth may need the braces, not both! At our Dental Clinics in Singapore across all branches, our clinics consist of the best Dentists in Singapore that specializes in almost all the dental procedures*.

Some people have to wear braces for years depending on the severity of the case, while some need for a short duration.

Preparation: taking shape

Dental Braces are not ready made to be fixed on the first visit itself. You have to be prepared for a second visit before you get them fixed and later visits upon the advice of your dentist. During your first visit to Dentist in Singapore, we take a full impression of your teeth with the help of tools which helps us make the perfect Dental Braces for you. Before your braces are fixed, you may need spacers that will help fix the braces in a perfect shape at a later point.

Choosing Dental Braces:

Dental Braces comes in various types. Gone are those days where you have to get the easily noticeable dental braces. At our Dental Clinics in Singapore, you also have ‘Invisible Braces’ that has come as a revolutionary change in the orthodontist history. There are many advantages of the invisible braces like less noticeable by other, easily removable, non usage of metal, normal brushing etc., However, it is only the Dentist that can give you a best advice on what type of Dental Braces are good for you. Fixing of any type of dental Braces generally takes a single visit and later minimal follow-ups to monitor whether they are fixed properly.

Living with dental braces is not a difficult task. Thanks to the latest technological advancements in the dental industry!

Dental Braces in Singapore?

All our dental clinics in Singapore comprise of team of dental experts, who offer all the services as per the needs of the present day people living in Singapore, or the individuals, who have come to this place for tourism or business purposes. Contact us to day, one of our friendly staff will assist you fix an appointment.