Simple Dental Extraction vs Surgical Extraction in Singapore


Do you know that the dental extraction procedures are mainly classified into two, simple Extraction and Surgical Extraction? When you visit a dentist and are diagnosed with some dental issue that may need extraction, your doctor is likely to advise you what type of extraction is required for you based on the complexity of case. At all of our Dental Clinics in Singapore, we give a patient counseling about how the extractions are performed and what is best suitable for you.

So here you are, wondering the differences between a simple extraction and a surgical extraction. It is always good to be informed about the procedures no matter you are expecting one or not. So what’s the difference between a simple extraction and a surgical extraction? Well, in both cases, the teeth most likely need to be removed by rocking the tooth side to side so to enlarge the socket and rupture the periodontal ligament that keeps the tooth securely in the socket. As an effort to easily explain without too much of medical terms, here it is in simple terms:

Surgical Extraction

Also known as complex extraction, Surgical Extractions are generally a bit complicated as the term refers to extraction of teeth that may have broken at the gum line, have failed to erupt or are impacted (as in wisdom teeth). It is called complex extraction mainly because the complexity of the tooth damage thus taking long hours, special surgical skills. These extractions are usually done by oral surgeons, but sometimes general dentists are comfortable performing them as the case/experience may be.

The surgeon may need to make small incisions in the gums, remove bone around the tooth or break the tooth in pieces if a tooth is firmly anchored in its socket. The broken pieces are carefully removed after the first step. Complex extractions often need stitches and local anesthesia. Though less likely, patients with anxiety or special cases may have other options such as intravenous sedation or general anesthesia.

Simple Extraction

Simple extractions refer to extraction of teeth that are visible in the mouth; easily accessible with the extraction tools. The term simple in this case may sound quite reassuring. Likewise, the process most likely takes only few minutes that any general dentist can extract with local anesthesia. The dentist uses an elevator to dislodge the tooth from the gum and then forceps are used to grasp and remove the tooth.

It is indeed essential for the patients to understand that the surgical extractions are routine for oral surgeons which they do on a daily basis. No black and white generalizations can be really made as to which form of extraction is more complicated as there can be many variables. Hence, anxiety among the patents is unwarranted as all our Dentists in Singapore at our Dental Clinics are well trained, experienced and provide you with all the information that you need to know beforehand.

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