Teeth Whitening in Singapore

It’s nearly impossible that a Television advertisement runs out without tooth whitener which is classic evidence that almost everyone wants white teeth. Teeth Whitening in Singapore are also one of the most demanded dental services at dental clinics in Singapore. However, you should decide whether the teeth whitening process is really necessary for you, and if yes, what type of teeth whitening in Singapore is best suitable for you?

Types of Teeth Whitening:

In-office procedure:        Wanting to have white teeth doesn’t only mean that you care about the way your teeth look to others and makes an impact on your smile etc., but it also mean that you want a good oral health. This is the very reason your dentists love the patients who wants to have teeth whitening procedure at their clinic mainly because the patients gets maximum benefit of cleaning by removing all stains on your teeth. This also reduces the chances of dental plaque.

In-office procedure is extremely helpful for patients who are wearing braces, as it can complement invisible braces, porcelain veneers, and other treatments. Unlike the home kit, you can choose the level of whiteness in an in-office teeth whitening procedure.

At-Home Bleaching kit:   Gone are those days when tooth whitening was a complex process, making those fitted mouthpieces for each patient, waiting at dental clinics for few hours etc., At our Dental Clinics in Singapore, we do offer  teeth whitening bleaching kits for our patients to take home as an alternative with a brief on how to use the kits. But let us warn you; not all home teeth whitening are suitable for you, hence we strongly recommend you to seek dentist’s advice before you chose your teeth whitening options.

On a special note, those with sensitive teeth or allergies – If you have receding gums, sensitive teeth and gums, or are allergic to peroxide, you should avoid using a home teeth whitening system – or at least consult your doctor before you begin to minimize reactions / side effects.

At our Dental Clinics in Singapore, we use the best teeth whitening products to ensure radiant and healthy smiles. Conveniently located in 5 branches, visit our friendly dental clinics in Singapore and get the teeth whitening process done by experienced dentists!

Dental Braces in Singapore: Dental Clinics in Singapore

Tongue alone cannot give you the pleasure of enjoying your favorite food, you need teeth to chew and make the food tastier and having it in a healthy way. Teeth should be healthy and in a possibly perfect shape not just for comfortable chewing thus digestion, but also to avoid deposits of food in the teeth, to avoid plaque etc., More than anything, a perfectly shaped and healthy teeth multiplies your smiles, and you deserve it! Hence you may need dental braces to straighten or align your teeth in a possibly perfect shape.
Dental Braces in SingaporeInvention of Dental Braces is one of miracles of the dental technology as it allows you to give your teeth your desired form. There are so many advancements in the dental braces in the recent times that will reduce the treatment duration and gives effective results. Dentists in Singapore at all our dental clinics are updated with the latest technologies, they advice you the best according to your specific condition.

Few false Assumptions about Dental Braces in Singapore:      

There is a very common assumption that the dental braces are only suitable for children. No, that’s not true. You’re never too old to consider—our oldest patient at age 50 left our clinic with a smile on his face!

Other common assumptions are that the braces may leave scars on your teeth and they won’t allow you to brush. Both are absolutely untrue because there are no recorded significant cases that dental braces will leave scars on your teeth and you should brush your teeth at least once daily even if you are wearing dental braces.

When to go for Dental Braces?

We advise all our patients to regularly visit dentists in Singapore to maintain a good oral health. However, if you are not going for regular checkups, you should check if your teeth are in perfect alignment, if your teeth is depositing food inside gaps of teeth or the teeth are pointing in a direction that cause any discomfort etc., In any such case, it is necessary to visit your dentist and get your teeth checked.

Where in Singapore is the treatment available?

Our Dental Clinics in Singapore are conveniently located at five branches across Singapore as of now. You may contact us during the operational hours for a consultation; one of our friendly staff will assist you.

All our dental clinics in Singapore comprise of team of dental experts, who offer all the services as per the needs of the present day people living in Singapore, or the individuals, who have come to this place for tourism or business purposes.