Cosmetic Dentistry Singapore – What is best for you?

Everyone loves to have a beautiful smile on their face as it not only gives them more confidence in their appearance, but also more confidence in their everyday lives as well. For those who want to change the appearance of their teeth, there are many procedures in the Aesthetic/Cosmetic Dentistry depending on their requirement.

Cosmetic dentistry is not primarily to do with improving the function of the mouth or treating bad teeth, but more to do with improving the aesthetics of it. Treatments often focused on the ameliorating the look of the teeth. Broken teeth due to accidents etc., may also require Cosmetic Dentistry to restore the previous look.

At Nam Fung Dental Group and Dr Jimmy Yap and Partners Dental Surgery, we offer many treatments. Here are some of the common procedures that we deal with:

Dental Braces: are devices used in orthodontics that align and straighten teeth and help to position them with regard to a person’s bite, while also working to improve dental health.

Veneers: Veneers are a thin shell like caps on the front side of the tooth. While they are often used in correction of stained, decayed or crooked teeth, veneers sometimes serves as a preventive measure for tooth surface from damage. Usage of Veneers shall be advised by the dentist after ruling out any other suitable procedures depending on the case.

Implants or Partial Dentures: Dental implants / Partial Dentures are a popular method to replace missing/extracted teeth as the case may be. A dental implant is a titanium post that is placed into your jaw bone and integrates with the bone, and the implant acts in the same way a root acts for a normal tooth.

 If you are looking out for any procedures involved in cosmetic dentistry or would like to book an appointment with a Dentist in Singapore – please call the number below & one of our friendly staff would be glad to help.

Preventive Dentistry | Dentists in Singapore

Preventive Dentistry“Dentistry concerned with maintenance of a normal masticating mechanism by fortifying the structures of the oral cavity against damage and disease” is called as the Preventive Dentistry as defined by the Professionals. However, to put it in general terms, Preventive Dentistry is a process of maintaining oral hygiene and dental health so as to prevent any kind of dental problems. Preventive Dentistry is not just for those who show up any symptoms of possible dental issues but for everyone who has teeth.

In general, Preventive Dentistry may be divided into two types. Domestic Preventive Dentistry and the one performed by a dentist. Domestic Dentistry involves oral hygiene you maintain at home like regular brushing, flossing, mouth wash after eating anything specially sweets etc., this helps you reduce the chances of having many dental issues. The other type that is performed by the dentist like normal cleaning and polishing sessions, fluoride therapy, GC Tooth Mousse application or the provision of fissure sealants. It is strongly advised by many dentists to schedule a visit to your dentist in a regular basis for dental exams just to be on a safer side. If you are living in Singapore, you may contact us the Dentists in Singapore.

For Children:

Child Dental Care is one of the essential things as far as the Preventive Dentistry is concerned. Every parent should consider visiting a dentist during early stages of growing new teeth of your child. This is important because both the child a parents as well needs counseling on how to effectively prevent dental issues which are more likely during the childhood. Your Dentist may teach your child on brushing techniques to other oral hygiene tips.

For senior citizens:

In the later stages of life, most of the people face dental issues due to loss of teeth, dentures, etc., and in some cases managing oral hygiene becomes a tough task mainly because of other health issues though there are no dental issues. In such cases, the dentist may want to advise the guardians or the senior citizens on various tips like how to handle a brush, what type of brushes to use, how to easily wash the teeth without anyone’s help etc.,

Hence, it is very essential to learn about the preventive dentistry especially when you do not want to invite any dental issues that you may avoid. If you have any questions about the procedures involved in preventive dentistry or would like to book an appointment with a Dentist in Singapore – please call the number below & one of our friendly staff would be glad to help.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Singapore | Third Molar

Wisdom tooth, also called as third molar teeth – are called so because they appear between the late teens and late twenties, which is a general age to become more learned; gaining wisdom in life. Extraction of Wisdom tooth has become more common in the recent times. If you have been advised to extract wisdom teeth, there is no reason to panic.

What can be done about an infected wisdom tooth?

This is purely dependent on the physical examination by your dentist. In some cases, a course of antibiotics may be required along with extraction or only an antibiotic course. Book an appointment now with a Dentist in Singapore to find out what is the best treatment for you if you are suffering from it.

Wisdom Teeth removal in Singapore

When should a wisdom tooth be extracted?

Not all wisdom teeth need extraction. However, in specific conditions such as stated below, extraction may be the best choice of treatment.

  1. Jaw is small and is not allowing the wisdom tooth to grow properly or in a right direction
  2. The gaps due to wrong growth resulted in depositing food debris and causing secondary issues
  3. Infections due to the decay of the wisdom tooth
  4. Gums are involved, swelling due to the new grown third molar compressing gums / cheeks
  5. Where the new growth is causing extreme pain.
  6. Discomfort eating food (chewing little hard food etc.,)

Have Anxiety of Surgery or pain?

How often do you hear that someone has taken leave for wisdom tooth extraction and to rest thereafter? Not that often? There are several people who get the third molar extraction done every day at the dental clinics in Singapore and all over the world. Extremely safe procedures are practiced that also minimizes the pain and generally doesn’t need longer down time. If you have any questions about the procedure or would like to book an appointment – please call the number below & one of our friendly staff would be glad to help.